Blastrac Worldwide

We can help you with your surface preparation needs, anywhere, anytime

Blastrac is a multinational organisation that employs around 450 people worldwide. In addition, Blastrac has a global network with of more than 70 distributors of Blastrac surface preparation equipment and tools around the world. With its unequalled production line, the organisation has seen a massive geographical expansion over recent years.


Image of Icons Blastrac distributors, employees and suppliers


Blastrac has a number of offices all over Europe, enabling Blastrac equipment to reach all countries. Within Europe, Blastrac has sales- and service facilities in France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Spain, Italy and Poland. From these offices in Europe we serve Europe, Africa, South America and Oceania. In 2008 Blastrac Europe opened a sales & service centre in Dubai, which enables us to service the Middle East as well. Since 2014 Blastrac also has its own sales & service centres in India and Australia.



The North American and Asian regions have their own sales and production facilities. However, all logistics are centralised at the European headquarters. Due to clear communication between the offices around the globe we know what is going on in the different industries where our equipment is used. Therefore we know what issues you are facing on the jobsite. Issues we turn into opportunities, opportunities to improve ourselves and serve you better.