The BDC-1220 Dust Collector

Dust collector with strong metal bodywork

The BDC-1220 is similar in performance to the BDC-1216 dust collector, but is made with a traditional metal body for increased toughness on the job site.

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The BDC-1220 is ideally suited for use with small shot blasting, grinding, polishing and scarifying machines. The Blastrac BDC-1220 dust collection system is standard equipped with a M-class star filter or optional H-class filter and it is very versatile.

For a safe, dust free and perfectly clean jobsite Blastrac has designed a full range of consumables and optional items to get the best possible results out of your dust collector.




Easy to manoeuvre and transport due to the robust wheels with brake systems. User friendly design, just connect the hose to the dust collector and you are ready to go.



Every Blastrac machine should be connected to a Blastrac industrial dust collector. This means that you are able to work dust free, creating a safe working environment.



Our range of small dust collectors is especially created to be connected to our small surface preparation machines. The high suction power, filter options and large dust bin/bag capacity of these dust collectors make sure that all dust is safely collected.



Limited downtime is essential for any successful job. Due to the special designs our small dust collection systems allows you to change the dust bin/bag quickly for limited downtime.



Depending on the type of projects you are working on, you want to use a dust collector that is most cost effective in the long term. Ask us for advice!



Our dust collectors, like any other Blastrac machine, do not use any chemicals or waste valuable drinking water.



Technical Specifications of the BDC-1220 Dust Collector

Name Description
Dimensions W / L / H 600 x 795 x 1.300 mm
Weight 64 kg
Motor power 2kW / 230 V single phase / 50Hz & 60Hz / 16A
Dust extraction motors 2 independent motors
Filter M-class star filter
Cleaning Manual shaker on top
Dustbin capacity 50 liters
Dust hose inlet Ø 51mm / Ø 76mm

324 m3/h

Vacuum 211 hpa
Suitable machines Handheld / small grinders, shot blasters and scarifiers

Options / Accessories for the BDC-1220 Dust Collector

Name Description
10m Suction hose Ø76mm 005014
20m Suction hose Ø51mm 004583
M-class star filter CF40000492
M-class star filter PTFE CF32400327
M-class star filter PTFE-ant-static CF32400329
Mobile nozzle 400mm width CF722029
Mobile nozzle 500mm width CF722147
Aluminium hand grip 50mm CF722025
Chromed hand grip 50mm CF722122
More tools On request