The BMC-335EHY Sawer

An electric powered shaver

Working width: 335 mm | The Blastrac BMC-335EHY is a heavy duty sawing and planer ideally suited for large applications. It's able to remove 3 mm of concrete a time (depending on type of concrete), which saves a lot of time.

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The Blastrac BMC-335EHY is a heavy duty shaving and sawing machine ideally suited for large applications. The BMC-335EHY is a versatile machine, by changing the pulley’s the machine can also be used as a standard scarifying machine. It's increased weight allows it to generate more efficient shaving and scarifying action. With variable speed, forward and reverse, this heavy-weight performer can be driven without the scarifying drum engaged. The BMC-335EHY shaver is almost dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of sawing blades and scarifying cutters, which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application..



Easy to manoeuvre, minimum vibrations and everything you need to control the machines is within arm’s reach. The handles and lifting eyes make it easy to transport.



The working depth of the drum with cutting / milling tools is easily adjustable, and precise to the millimetre. This means no underground deterioration.



All Blastrac scarifies are built in a way that all the weight of the machine is centred in order to create a maximum down force on the rotating drum.



Utilize different blades for varying applications on surfaces such as concrete, stone, or asphalt.



Blastrac scarifiers are especially designed so that the drum can easily be pulled out of the machine from the side, without having to move the machine.



Our scarifiers, like any other Blastrac machine, do not use any chemicals or waste valuable drinking water.



Technical Specifications of the BMC-335EHY Sawer

Name Description
Working width 335mm
Scarifying capacity Up to 80m²/h on concrete
Motor power 12,1kW / 400V - 50Hz / 32A – Three phase
13,9kW / 440V - 60Hz / 32A – Three phase
Working speed 3000 rpm
Weight 405 kg
Dimensions (L,W,H) 1400mm / 605mm / 1075mm
Drive system / speed Hydraulic / 1-15 m/min
Push / Pull machine Forward (push)
Surface Concrete / Stone / Asphalt

Options / Accessories for the BMC-335EHY Sawer

Name Description
Dust collector BDC-1330LP / BDC-1330LPP / BDC-3140LP / BDC-3140LPP
Blades 250mm green 30/40 E06320
Blades 250mm blue 30/40 E06321
Spacer ring E06079
15m Suction hose Ø76 005014
Personal safety features On request / See manual